Transform therapies,
Reimagine lives.

At Alumis we are driven to transform the lives of patients living with immune diseases using a precision approach.

Our goal is to significantly improve the lives of patients by replacing broad immunosuppression with targeted therapies.

We recognize that patients living with immune-mediated diseases need alternatives to currently available therapies. Despite recent advances and innovations in the treatment of immune-mediated diseases, many patients continue to suffer, cycling through currently approved therapies while looking for a solution that alleviates the debilitating impact of their disease without life-limiting side effects. 

Addressing the needs of these patients is why we exist. We are pioneering a precision approach that leverages insights we derive from powerful data analytics to select the right target, right molecule, right indication, right patient, and right endpoint resulting in optimized outcomes for patients. We believe that combining our insights with an integrated approach to drug development will produce the next generation of treatments to address immune dysfunction. 

Incubated by Foresite Labs, Alumis is led by a team of deeply experienced professionals who are devoted to transforming the lives of patients with immune-mediated diseases by developing a pipeline of transformative therapies.

Leadership Team

Our leaders are experienced drug developers who are committed to transforming the treatment paradigm for patients living with immune-mediated diseases. 

Our experienced leadership team brings a proven track record in developing groundbreaking therapies. Relying on decades of experience creating best-in-class therapies for diseases of immune dysfunction, our team is poised to deliver on our mission to transform the lives of patients who critically need more effective, safe treatments for immune-mediated diseases.

Executive Team

martin babler photo

Martin Babler

President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Mark Bradley photo

Mark Bradley

Chief Development Officer

Jörn Drappa photo

Jörn Drappa M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

David M Goldstein photo

David M Goldstein

Chief Scientific Officer

Roy Hardiman photo

Roy Hardiman

Chief Business and Legal Officer

Sara Klein photo

Sara Klein

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Derrick Richardson photo

Derrick Richardson

SVP, Head of People and Culture

John Schroer photo

John Schroer

Chief Financial Officer


Ken Brameld photo

Ken Brameld

Alumis Fellow and Head of Discovery

Kolbot By photo

Kolbot By

SVP, Head of Technical Operations

Jeff Douglas photo

Jeff Douglas

SVP, Head of Development Operations 

Lily Gong photo

Lily Gong

Executive Director and Head of Regulatory Strategy

Grace Halteh photo

Grace Halteh

VP, Head of Quality

Claire Langrish photo

Claire Langrish

SVP, Head of Immunology and Biology

Ruixiao Lu photo

Ruixiao Lu

VP, Head of Biostatistics and Statistical Programming

Shereen McIntyre photo

Shereen McIntyre

VP, Head of Data Management and Clinical Programming

Tim Owens photo

Tim Owens

SVP, Head of Research

Karen Pellett photo

Karen Pellett

Executive Director, Head of Program and Portfolio Management

Roman Rubio, M.D. photo

Roman Rubio, M.D.

SVP, Head of Clinical Development and Translational Medicine

Joel Selcher photo

Joel Selcher

SVP, Head of Regulatory and Quality

Lance Shinseki photo

Lance Shinseki

Executive Director and Head of Information Technology

Mike Taylor photo

Mike Taylor

VP, Toxicology

Mera Tilley photo

Mera Tilley

VP, Head of Genetics

Milly Toor photo

Milly Kitty Toor

Executive Director and Project Team Leader

David Zhang photo

David Zhang

SVP, Head of Biometrics

Board of Directors

Martin Babler

President and CEO, Chairman of the Board

Julian Baker

Managing Member of Baker Brothers Investments

Alan Colowick

Managing Director AyurMaya, an affiliate of Matrix Capital Management

Sapna Srivastava

Independent Board Member

Jim Tananbaum, M.D.

Founder and CEO, Foresite Capital

Zhengbin (Bing) Yao, Ph.D.

CEO, ArriVent Biopharma