Our Approach

At Alumis, our driving principle is to deliver the right medicine to achieve the right clinical outcome. To realize that goal, we are using our precision approach to immunology focused on the important drivers of immune dysfunction and reliant on key genetic and translational insights, all with the aim of optimizing therapeutic outcomes for patients. 

Central to our approach is a proprietary internal data science and analytics platform to leverage disease insights to potentially increase speed of development, probability of success and precision of therapy.

Patients should not settle for the status quo in treatment outcomes for immune-mediated diseases. To that end, we are developing the next generation of treatments with the goal of transforming the lives of patients living with immune-mediated diseases.

We believe that the application of insights from our internal efforts combined with our Foresite Labs collaboration may ultimately bring forth the most effective, paradigm-shifting medications by optimizing the right target, right molecule, right indication, right patient, right endpoint and potential combinations.

The Right

The Right