Why It Matters

The harmful and broad impact of immune-mediated diseases requires a new approach to achieve better options that offer superior efficacy, safety and convenience. We aim to do this by leveraging our precision data analytics which comprise high-quality curated genetic, clinical and health records data. We combine that information with the unmatched knowledge and expertise of our team and the power of our platform in order to inform the right targets, molecules, indications, patients and endpoints.

why it matter

The first application of our precision approach is focused on tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2), an enzyme (or protein) that is centrally involved in inflammation and autoimmune signaling pathways. We are building a TYK2 franchise with our first two programs because we believe that TYK2 plays a central role in many immune-mediated diseases. Treatments based on TYK2 inhibition have the potential to help patients with many immune-mediated diseases.

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Our Precision Approach and Capabilities

We are using our precision approach to immunology that is focused on the key drivers of immune dysfunction and relies on key genetic and translational insights to optimize clinical outcomes. Central to our approach is our data science platform that allows us to leverage disease insights to potentially increase speed of development, probability of success and precision of therapy. We leverage and implement these capabilities to design the development path at every stage of our pipeline programs. We believe this approach can bring forth paradigm-shifting medications by following science to inform:

The Right

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